Great partnerships are built upon clear expectations, proven processes, and industry leading culture initiatives. We believe a successful partnership occurs when both parties can leverage their different capabilities to achieve the collective desired outcomes.

For us, we harness our people and resources to solve your current business challenges – high attrition, shortage in local qualified talent, rising operational costs, shrinking commercial space, profit erosion or less time to focus on customers and core business activities. As we begin your offshoring journey, we outline the differences between outsourcing and offshoring for your benefit to understand if ASW is the right partner to support your growth.

Outsourcing and offshoring: a comparison

In an industry with a myriad of options available, it is important to understand which solution is best fit for your business needs. These options include seat hire, freelancing, project house, recruitment only, part-time, full-time, outsourcing and offshore to name a few.

As an offshore solutions provider, we are here to help you achieve success and grow through offshoring.

  • Outsourcing
  • Tasks are delegated to a third-party provider
  • Typically refers to the outsourcing
    of a specific task
  • A general term for utilising the services of a
    third-party provider in another country
  • Work is accomplished by an anonymous team
  • Little to no involvement in talent acquisition,
    development plans and performance management
  • Quality of work may fluctuate based on which team member works on project or competing client priorities
  • Quick solution to accomplish tasks – ideal for ad hoc or per hour projects
  • Offshoring
  • Tasks are delegated directly to a dedicated
    team member
  • Refers to outsourcing a complete role
  • Work is completed in another country by your own dedicated resource
  • Work is accomplished and maintained by your own
    global team, an extension of your company
  • Usually involved from interview to offer. Full integration
    into your team under custom management arrangements
  • You set work quality standards that your team
    adheres to and upholds
  • Long-term approach to scaling your business

At ASW, offshoring is the differentiator to your business. Unlike outsourcing, where you utilise a third party’s anonymous workforce for a specific process or period, offshoring allows your business to establish a dedicated extension of your team, under your own management, and with complete autonomy. You can leverage the different offshore capabilities – recruitment, HR, IT, account management, facilities and more – to see the specific changes desired for your business. With an engaged team, you will experience high staff retention rates and an empowered team dedicated to your company’s vision and desired outcomes. Equally important, you will enjoy working with qualified, highly capable talent committed to productivity, accountability, innovation, business continuity and growth.

Our business development, HR, recruitment and account management teams will guide you at every step of your offshoring journey, so you can make informed decisions into sustainable and transparent staffing solutions.

Here at ASW, we will help build your own dedicated team in any of our three locations – Vietnam, Malaysia, or the Philippines – and we will help you manage them to achieve your desired business goals.

“ASW has proven that the offshore teams excel with an emphasis on accountability, creativity, and approachability. These teams strive to provide highly professional and amazing customer experiences that have resulted in happy clients.”

Geoff Bentley, CEO, Trident Managed Services

Our 4-step process to successful offshoring

Step 1: Introduction

Whether it’s your first time exploring offshore staffing, or you’re an experienced campaigner, our priority is to understand what the key business goals are and if ASW is the right partner to support your growth.

In getting to know your business, industry type, onshore team structure, and understanding your strengths and limitations, we can formulate a strategy that supports your offshore talent to seamlessly embed with your existing operations. Our solutions begin with talent sourcing, and how and where to structure your offshore team in order to achieve long-term success.

Our goal is to leverage ASW capabilities, not just to deliver a successful offshore team, but also to optimise your onshore team and operations. Your onshore team will be able to set practical goals and achieve outcomes more efficiently, and you’ll have more time to work on your business. We help you achieve this without fuss and with minimal adjustments on your end.

Step 2: Recruitment

Spearheaded by our Head of Talent, we undertake a detailed recruitment briefing to understand the current talent requirements, reporting lines, and how your prospective team members will fit with the hiring managers and broader team onshore. It is important that our clients feel involved in the hiring process from interview to offer, thus we consider this step a joint endeavour.

We understand the importance of getting it right the first time. Our testing and screening process relieves you of the apprehension around finding highly capable talent who will complement your existing team. Our specialised recruitment team provides a comprehensive service that explores your role requirements – from education, skills, experience, aptitude testing, language proficiency to behavioural and personality profiling.

Our team will mirror your local hiring steps so you can have absolute confidence in the appointment of your new team members. Your involvement in the process from interview to offer is key to custom building your ideal offshore team. By fully engaging in the hiring process, you’re able to handpick candidates who fit your specific qualifications and preferences, and most importantly, your team culture.

Step 3: Integration

Spearheaded by your dedicated Account Manager, our IT, HR and Administration departments work seamlessly to integrate all required hardware, software and communication tools to enable productivity. From providing all the necessary workstation equipment to ensuring data security, convenient remote accessibility, to on demand IT support, you are guaranteed that your team will be able to work seamlessly and with the appropriate data security.

Whilst implementing the IT requirements, we invest heavily in HR. We induct your dedicated team members via our onboarding team to welcome them to the ASW family and assure them that they will be fully supported moving forward. Developing our people is key. Working closely with our clients, we schedule performance check points and support them in setting clear KPIs and transparent goal setting for professional growth.

Going the offshore route can involve numerous changes onshore. We are experienced in change management, especially for larger enterprises that require nuanced handling of the different cultural changes and transitions in duties and responsibilities.

Step 4: Optimisation

Finding highly capable talent is challenging; retaining and developing that talent is equally important for long-term success. Beyond establishing your own global remote team, we continue to help you manage, improve and develop your team members across our various office locations. Our dedicated Account Managers will work with you for updates, reporting, coaching, training and regular team building activities. We will also help you and your team with any coordination and administrative tasks necessary to uphold efficiency and team success.