For many of our People, family and personal lives are a big motivator when it comes to working here at ASW.

  • We believe in working hard, but not over-working (e.g., you can expect very little overtime).
  • We believe in treating each-other like family (e.g., with respect and care).
  • We provide benefits that align to our culture and brand.

One of our company values is Personal Development, which for us is about encouraging accountability and individual growth and learning, both inside and outside of work. Here’s some of our People talking about what work-life balance means to them …

At ASW our family and personal life matters, and we  are supported by great work-life balance and benefit.

Change Manager - Malaysia

With the office being located at The Gardens, a brisk walk of 10 mins not only gets me to the gym but has half my warmup done. Fortunately, my working hours (6am – 3pm) allows me to time my trips to the gym outside of peak hours and stay in my fittest self, even during the lockdown.

Senior Accountant - Philippines

I work in Finance, which has a lot of pressures to meet deadlines especially during month-end and critical days. Luckily, I’m working in an organization that promotes work-life balance. ASW encourages their people to take time off from work to refresh, recharge and enrich their lives.

HR Assistant - Viet Nam

Yes absolutely work-life balance is the most attractive value of being an ASW-er, to me. Not many employers in Vietnam offer up to 20 days off Annual Leave and 10 days of Sick Leave. More importantly, my team members and supervisor are super understanding and supportive.