Being an Australian-owned company, we have a relatively flat management structure, which allows all views to be heard. As an organisation we encourage accountability and collaboration, as well as continuous improvement.

One of our core company values is Honesty, which is key to our cultural dynamic and daily interactions. We own our mistakes, we learn, and we move forward. ASW is focussed on delivering long-term, sustainable partnerships for clients, and we therefore look for new employees who align closely to our values and culture.

We recognise that leadership is a life-long journey, not something that one course or program can deliver in a day or two. As such we run annual leadership development programs over the space of multiple months for our existing and future leaders, as well as other soft-skills and technical training to support them in their roles.

At ASW we believe that you don’t have to have the title of ‘leader’ to demonstrate true leadership qualities – everyone can take personal accountability and show honesty and respect to others every day.

Hear directly from some of our People about their leadership journey at ASW…

At ASW we are supported by clear, strong leadership. This goes to show that we are respected and that our contribution to the company is appreciated.

Accountant Team Lead - Viet Nam

Compassionate Leadership is one of the most essential concepts that I learned from one of the ASW Leadership courses I attended. It is a reminder to lead from both your head and heart. It is also a proactive approach in management and a crucial part of growing a dedicated team.

Team Leader - Philippines

The company and management gave me their full trust and believed in my potential, which I am thankful for. Just recently, ASW organized leadership training program which I think is a huge support for all of us as the emerging leaders. The courses are interesting and informative

Team Leader - Viet Nam

At ASW, strong leadership is one of the key factors contributing to the overall growth of the organization as well as personal development of staff members. My team undoubtedly is one of many that inherit this valuable benefit, which the leadership culture at the company has to offer.

Team Leader - Philippines

I am happy and blessed to be part of the team, its positive workplace culture and the way it values its employees is truly inspiring and I am looking forward for our team’s growth in the years to come.